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Designed by women, for women
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You can trial the entire system including outdoor sessions, our virtual and online programs and our VIP support group for 7 days for only $7
What is E360 Mums & Babes | Empower360Fitness

So, What is E360 Mums & Babes?

At Empower360 Fitness we’re not about weight loss challenges, postpartum transformations or ‘getting your pre baby body back’


We’re all about supporting new mums to feel energised, strong and celebrate their bodies for the truly amazing vessel they are at all stages of motherhood.


We believe that every new Mum deserves a safe return to exercise and no woman should feel pressured to ‘bounce back’ after giving birth. Our mission is to ensure every woman feels strong, confident and beautiful. That they have access to trusted Women's Health practitioners to ensure they are supported physically, mentally and emotionally. 


New mums are often doing the most physically demanding job in the most deconditioned state they’ve ever been in, which is why all of our  MumSafe™️ trainers will work with you to build strength and stability in your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, whilst challenging and progressing you safely and effectively. 


Our MumSafe™️ trainers work in conjunction with local Women’s Health Physios to ensure you are rebuilding safely from the inside out, giving you the best possible care and the most effective programming. 


Conducted outdoors at Morrison Bay Park in Putney, we have two programs specifically for mums:

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Mums And Babes

Our Mums and Babes program specifically helps pregnant and post-natal mums to rebuild from the inside out.


We focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and deep core muscles, whilst rebuilding strength safely and effectively.


There's always a challenge on offer, Mums can level up or level down depending on where they're at. Although not essential, we do recommend connecting with a Women's Health Physio before returning to training; we can connect you after you have joined us.

What to bring: Your yoga mat, water bottle and comfy clothes to train in


For mums with older children or a baseline of fitness.


This session still maintains a strong focus on pelvic floor and deep core restoration, whilst including higher intensity work like running and plyometrics.


New mums are welcome to this class if the timing is most suitable. Low impact options are always available.

What to bring: Your yoga mat, water bottle and comfy clothes to train in

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Free Child Care | E360 Mums & Babs
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We understand how important it is to have your little one close by. We have a free onsite nanny service so your bub can be cared for while you have some much needed ‘me-time’ during your workout!

What Happens at a Mums and Babes Session?

In your very first session, we'll take you through the following:

  • We'll check you for abdominal separation and show you how to activate your Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominis (deep core muscles)

  • We'll take you through our female specific warm-up and activation sequence

  • We'll screen for any of the 5 postnatal contraindications (pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation, knee pain, wrist pain, pelvic pain) and support you with modifications for anything that arises 

A note on intensity - you may walk away from your first couple of sessions with us feeling like you could work a little harder. We encourage you to trust the process.  We know just how important it is that we get to know you and exactly where your body is right now. We believe in training hard (if that’s what you would like) but in making sure we are doing it in the right way to keep you injury free and training for many years to come.  

Once we have got to know each other well then , we get to have fun! Our sessions are designed to be fun as well as challenging. We offer  a combination of resistance training, circuit training, HiLo (high intensity, low impact) and low impact cardio. You will always be challenged, while being supported and encouraged to work at your own pace.

You also get all of this!

  • A one-hour one-on-one goal setting and coaching session with Kate. This includes going through the Body IQ questionnaire to chat about the six critical pillars of women’s health: stress, sleep, non-exercise movement, gut health and nutrition, diet history, and body esteem. With the insight gained, we can set you up for success.

  • Ongoing support from our qualified trainers. You can reach out for answers and advice at any time!

  • Access to an amazing community of women in our VIP Facebook group. Our team of experts hangs out here too: trainers, a naturopathic nutritionist, a counselor and life coach. It’ll be your go-to for accountability, motivation, and fun challenges.

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HERE First

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences during E360 Mums & Babes

 I just did 6 sessions with the tribe, feeling energetic,  my dresses fit loose, definitely getting a toned body. My son recognised that my tummy is going in. Biggest compliment ever. Thank you so much.  I am so motivated and looking forward to attend all the sessions. Finally I get something to do for myself and I love it. Amazing results.

I was in my denim shorts today and both mum and hubby commented on how strong my legs look! If that’s not a testimonial 4 months after baby #2 I don’t know what is! 

I thoroughly enjoyed todays class! I’ve tried so many different gyms and can honestly say I have not once dreaded going to the Mums and Babes Bootcamps, quite the opposite. Today I drove home feeling like I’m accomplishing something. Not only that it’s so great to meet a network of other mums. 

Session time for E360 Functional Fitness

Session Times

Pricing | E360 Mumbs & Babes

E360 Mums & Babes Bootcamp Pricing

E360 M&B Bootcamp - 1 Session

Our E360 Mums & Babes bootcamp - 1 sessions pass is only $30, per session. You can pause your membership at any time and after the initial 10 week commitment, cancel without charge.


Per week

E360 M&B Bootcamp - Unlimited

Our E360 Mums & Babes bootcamp -  unlimited pass is only $45 via direct debit. You can pause your membership at any time and after the initial 10 week commitment, cancel without charge.


Per week

E360 Online - Add On

Keen to get in extra workouts during your own schedule? Add an unlimited online pass to your face to face sessions for only $10pw to access the entire E360 Online program


Per week

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Ready to take the next step?

We want to make sure you start your fitness journey safely. To do this, we need you to fill out this screening form before your first session.

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