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Epic Activities For These School Holidays

They're here! Wooohoooo!!! School holidays are here and we couldn't be more stoked. 2 whole weeks of sleeping in, chilling with friends, movies (what, again!?) bowling (yawn) and endless trips to the local shopping mall.

Hang on.............. rather poke your eyes out than repeat the same stuff you did last holidays? Us too. Don't sweat it! We've collated some of Sydney's most awesome and out-of-the-box activities for teens these school holidays.

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Adventure and Sport

Bubble Soccer on Ice

Bubble Soccer On Ice

With no skates or athletic talent required, this crazy game is slippery, sweaty and — most importantly — tons of fun.

The format is essentially the same as three-on-three indoor soccer, however participants trade hardwood for ice and uniforms for giant protective bubbles.

Space Race at Olympic Park

Space Racing at Olympic Park

Part Pokemon Go, part treasure hunt, part Amazing Race, this is a fast & furious challenge to get to as many checkpoints as you can in the 45min timeframe.

Urban Jungle Adventure Park

Urban Jungle is the ultimate adrenaline-filled attraction to hit Sydney. Located in the grounds of the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Urban Jungle is the best High Ropes Adventure Park right in the centre of Sydney. There are 4 courses, over 50 aerial activities. Plus, your ticket gets you free entry to the aquatic centre. Whole day done!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Team up with a mate and spend a day just hanging around. Whether you climb 2 steps off the ground, reach the top of the 8.5m high walls or conquer one of the challenging overhangs, indoor rock climbing has something for all ages and abilities.

Trapeeze School

Swing through the air with the greatest of ease – under the watchful eye of the professionals from Circus Arts. This adrenaline-pumping workshop is held on the outdoor flying trapeze rig at the world-class Aquatic Centre and, yes, a safety net is included!



Digital Film Making

Fancy yourself a Scorcese or Tarantino? Explore the art of filmmaking in this 3 day workshop. During the workshop, you'll have opportunities to enhance your skills in scriptwriting, filming and editing. Brainstorm a story and pre-plan your production including locations, costumes, hair and make up and rehearsals.

Jamie's Ministry Of Food Cooking Classes

Get your tastebuds ready, roll up your sleeves and have some fun this school holiday! You'll learn how to bake, grill, saute, boil and roast using fresh, quality ingredients while gaining confidence in the kitchen. It's a fun and entertaining way to learn lots of Jamie's hints, tips and shortcuts and most importantly, cooking skills for a happier, healthier life. Lunch, ingredients and recipes are all included. You will also take samples home to share with family and friends.

Acting, Film or Musical Theatre Workshop

NIDA Courses

NIDA offers a range of courses and experiences for Young People across a variety of disciplines from introductory courses in Drama, Acting on Screen, Music Theatre and Public Speaking to the Young Actors Studio or Residencies for Young People aged 15-18 years.There’s a course to suit all Young People from the curious beginner to the young artist seeking pre-professional training.

Sculptures At Scenic Railway

When art escapes the galleries and gets out into the landscape, magical things can happen. There’s nothing quite like trekking through a Jurassic-era rainforest, rounding a corner and suddenly spying a cloud of red snowballs, a mosaic of mirrors, a convoy of toy trucks, or a squadron of ninja koalas.


Out Of The Box

Escape Rooms

The door is locked. The room is dark. The clock is ticking. We’re not sure what will happen if we don’t get out in time. We sure as hell don’t want to find out. The concept is simple: solve a variety of puzzles placed in and around the room before your allotted time runs out. Each room has a different theme and stimulates all senses, demanding a variety of problem-solving skills.

Midnight Ghost Tour

On the third Thursday of every Month, Q Station at Manly holds a midnight ghost tour. This just happens to fall on Thurs 20th April - right during school holidays. Do you dare take a tour through one of the most haunted sites in Sydney? The Extreme Ghost Tour reveals the raw accounts of horrible and bizarre stories, kept secret by the guides until now. It is presented by guides experienced with the dark side.Hear tales of malevolent spirits and shocking events. Basic experiments will be used to try and encourage paranormal activity and perhaps reveal underlying truths that have long been buried.This tour is not for everyone as it includes coarse language, horror, sexual and adult themes

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