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And That's a Wrap! Women's Health Week 2020

Last week we celebrated all the wonder that is the female body for Women's Health Week 2020. Every year Women's health Week gives us the opportunity to focus on the health issues that many women face so we can shine a light on preventable and manageable conditions in the hope that women don't suffer unnecessarily.

We talked tits, vulvas and vag's, leaking when you sneeze and period probs. At times things got a little real and raw and on occasion a little funny. I case you missed it, here's all the videos we recorded. Check them out, share them with the women you love. You never know when it might just save a life.

Video #1 Cervical Screening Test

Video #2 Let's Talk Tits

Video #3 Is It Normal To Pee When I Exercise?

Video #4 How Can I Manage My PCOS?

Video #5 Empower Yourself By Understanding Your Body

We are fiercely committed to providing programs that support women and teens. If you'd like to learn more about our E360 Online or E360 Functional Fitness programs for women, or our Teen Bootcamps for teen girls and boys, contact Kate on 0403 964 076 or email

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