A Program Just For Parents

February 13, 2020


Parents I've heard you. I’ve spoken to Mums who are serving and supporting everyone around them but feeling like they’re failing as a parent because they’re not a ‘healthy’ role model. I see parents running themselves ragged, trying to do all the things and end up sick, burned out and exhausted. 


See, for a while now I’ve been wondering how I can serve and support entire families. Not just their kids. I see parents who are doing all the right things by their children but leaving their own health as a second priority.


Parents, I can help.


I can help you get back your mojo, help you find your inner spark again. 


I can help you feel strong and empowered.


I can help you get back the confidence to wear that dress, those shorts, that dream outfit and feel amazing!


I can show you how to change your body from a place of love, so that these changes are lasting.


Most importantly I can help you feel energized to run and play with your kids, being the healthy role model you know you can be. 




So what is E360 Functional Fitness?


E250 Functional Fitness is a holistic fitness and wellness program just for parents. I'll give you the roadmap to success so that together we can make this the year you really do achieve your health and fitness goals, so you can rock those party dresses, feel like a babe on the beach and be super confident in your summer shorts.


Here's what you get:


For just $35 a week, you'll have unlimited access to outdoor group fitness sessions in Gladesville/Putney AND become part of our VIP online support group. 


EDIT: We are now 100% Online! All sessions will be run via Zoom and you can train from the comfort of your own home, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6:15am. See below for our special offer to keep you active and healthy while you're at home.


Then with me as your own personal health coach, together we will:


Dive deeper into your goals, get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and devise a personalised roadmap to success that covers nutrition, exercise, sleep, self care & mindset so you can feel supported and empowered, ready to move forward with a rock solid game plan. 


Uncover what it is that's been holding you back, then shift these beliefs so you can finally achieve and maintain that dream body you've always desired.


Develop a personalised exercise program based on your goals and current fitness level so you feel strong, lean and confident all year long.


Not sure what to eat? Our certified Nutritionist and Naturopath Macole Wassef from Holy Mackerel Health will answer any questions you have so you know exactly what to put on your plate so you can take the guesswork out of food and get on with spending time with your family without the added guilt.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Want to understand why it is you've been sabotaging your efforts? We have Holistic Counsellor Lori Lim on hand who will help you finally beat those self sabotaging habits and feel supported and empowered right the way through. 


Then, in our private VIP group you'll receive: 


  • Simple, delicious, ready-in-a-flash meal ideas so you feel light and energised

  • Mindset education and support so you begin to understand yourself, why you think and feel the way you do, how this impacts your health and fitness and ways to move past those beliefs so you feel worthy, feel empowered and feel confident.

  • 24/7 support and encouragement from our expert team. Got a burning question? Simply jump into the group and one of our team will have the answer, pronto!

  • PLUS support from a whole tribe of like-minded individuals who have your back.

It IS possible to lose weight, gain confidence and feel AMAZING all year long!




For the next 4 weeks you can trial the entire program for only $10 per week.



If you're ready to get started simply click on the link below to book your trail pass


Click here to get started


If you have any questions about the program, you can call Kate on 0403 964075 to chat about whether it's right for you.


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Fitness Australia - Registered Business2017 | Empower360Fitness
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