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Body Confidence

created by Beautiful Minds.

Confidence in abundance.

Confidence: the most misunderstood word ever! It’s misunderstood and that’s because it’s super misrepresented… EVERYWHERE! But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. The Empower360 program gives you 24/7 access to BU Online, created by Beautiful Minds, a members-only portal that covers topics and answer questions that you want the answers to from the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom. BU is basically the credit card to your on-line confidence shop. Log in and let’s go shopping, 24 hours a day.

Been a teen is no easy journey.

Being a teen is no easy journey.


Today’s teens are faced with more stress and anxiety-inducing situations than ever before. Girls are dealing with peer pressure, schoolwork, anxiety, low self-esteem, a poor body image, issues with friendship groups, feeling alienated from your peers, depression, conflict at home, navigating the dating world, self-harm, drugs, and alcohol, eating disorders, sexting and the list goes on…


Now, this is not to say that you will all come across every one of these issues but there will definitely be one in that list that you can relate to.


This is where we step in and can guide you through any issues you are facing. We give you professional advice, tools, tips and support.


"BU Online created by Beautiful Minds is a revolutionary new way to educate teens in today’s society."


We are here to support you. We will lead and guide you through a tried and tested blueprint that not only shows you how to get results but actually helps you enjoy your teen years.




A library of short videos that we are continually adding to. Hear from celebs and other experts about a variety of topics such as health, boys, girls, grooming, and style.


Bonus Downloads



Download plans, articles, and checklists with tips to help you improve your health, wealth and style

Chat and Share



Join in the conversation or ask us about anything that is bothering you in our chat forum. Our in-house psychologist will provide their professional answers to help you out.



BU Program Overview

We cover topics and answer questions that you want the answers to. With the flexibility to take part in this program in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom, BU is there to support you all the way. When you are having a bad day, log in. When you have had a fight with a friend at school, log in. When you are feeling down about how you think you should look, log in. When you are heartbroken over a guy or girl, log in. We are here for you 24 hours a day.

Join the movement to support and empower teens

BU Online created by Beautiful Minds.

BU Online (Beautiful Minds)
Bu Online Program Overview
Videos, Downloads & Chat and share
Body Confidence | BUOnline

Body Confidence | BUOnline

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