What is The Empower360 Teen Fitness challenge?

The Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge is a holistic, 360 degree fitness, nutrition & body confidence program designed specifically for teenagers. The Empower360 Fitness program runs over 8 weeks and offers simple, easy to follow workouts, a radical new approach to food and eating (not dieting) and some down to earth, no nonsense advice on how to help you look into the mirror the way you want to. Sometimes what we want and what we need isn’t the same thing: but not any more.

The Empower360 Fitness program will be delivered almost entirely online, with one weekly outdoor session to help you do your exercises, and more importantly, help you do them correctly so that when you nail it, you really nail it.

Empower360 Fitness is like the entourage who’s always got your back, offering advice, guidance and inspiration for anything health and fitness related.




Are you totally over curated Instagram accounts? Good, so are we! And let’s not even start on calorie counting, before and after photos and all the rest…

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We understand that your relationship with food may be quite complex and challenging at times, and we are passionate about helping you overcome this...



Body confidence

Confidence: the most misunderstood word ever! It’s misunderstood and that’s because it’s super misrepresented…

Step by step written workout routines for the home or gym, that suits all types of fitness levels

Step by step workout videos for the home or gym, that suit all levels including over 80 exercise video tutorials

Fully detailed exercise guide with videos, step by step written instructions & downloadable exercise material.  

Our fitness program will be delivered almost entirely online, with one weekly outdoor session

There are no and never will be weigh-ins, measuring or calorie counting

The program focuses on what your body can achieve and how you feel about yourself as the measure of success

The Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge is the only program designed specifically for teens


"I really appreciate everything they’re doing! I wish everyone could know and be influenced by Kate and her team - Siobhan, 15"

How does it work?


Outdoor Team Session Locations

Choose to attend one of our Outdoor Team Sessions listed below or just workout from home using our online exercise guides & videos.

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