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Meet Our Team

the perfect blend of healthy living, fitness & body confidence.

Owner / Personal Trainer

Kate Hickey

Kate Hickey has over 20 years experience working with teenagers and young people. She is passionate about changing the way teenagers view exercise, nutrition and their bodies and hopes to help shape the next generation to become, healthier, fitter more confident adults.

The Everyday Dietitian

Kathryn Hawkins

My passion is health, wellness and whole foods. I am an experienced dietitian and nutritionist, a health and wellness coach, and a compassionate person, who understands that your relationship with food may be quite challenging at times. 

The Nude Nutritionist

Lyndi Cohen

I am dietitian and nutritionist who understands first hand that diets cause more harm than good. After a rocky relationship with food led me to study nutrition, I made it my mission to help others (like me) who feel let down by diets and want to make peace with their body. 

Speaker, Presenter, Teen Girl Educator & Author of ‘Beautiful Minds’

Marina Passalaris

Describing herself as a bridge between parents and their daughters, Marina works closely with teenage girls and their families dedicated to helping them achieve happiness through education about grooming, vital life skills and most importantly self-esteem and confidence.

Qualified master trainer

Debbie Theo

A mum of two girls and a qualified Master Trainer with over 10 years experience in personal training and Group Fitness. With a passion for fitness training and a lifetime of exercising, Debbie enjoys taking her clients and participants on a fun fitness journey and motivating them to be the best version of themselves that that they can be.

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