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Are you totally over curated Instagram accounts? Good, so are we! And let’s not even start on calorie counting, before and after photos and all the rest….

 Forget the posed gym selfies that took you 17 takes to get right; post you rocking a ‘first thing in the morning with bed-head’ look and be proud of that. We say ditch chasing a fake curated life, we want to see what you can do. Let’s get flexible, strong, fast and forget about ranking ourselves in likes or re-posts. Damn right nailing a burpee or a good push-up on your toes for the first time is awesome and you know what? no one else needs to tell you that you’ve done a great job, because you just know; and so do we. We’re in your corner with the high fives whether you nail it this time or if nailing it comes next time.

Fitness | Empower360Fitness

We have a weekly outdoor team session which gives you a chance to catch up with your mates smash all your goals, fitness goals as well as the other ones too. Yeah, life’s more than times, weights and measurements.

Gyms can be pretty intimidating environments and never ask the first and most important question: what is it that you want? We said goodbye to judgement ages ago, so… what is it that you want? You might not have even asked yourself that for a long time. Maybe it’s time we had a chat to see if we can give you a leg-up with what’s most important.

8 Week teen fitness chalnnege | Empower360Fitness

✔ Get strong, fast & flexible without the stress


✔ Fun, challenging, do-anywhere workouts downloaded straight to your device


✔ We focus on what your body can do, and how you feel, not how you look


 ✔ Stop obsessing over calories and the number on the scales

✔ Create a healthier relationship with your body and food

✔ 24/7 support, ask us anything, anytime

✔ Learn the trick & tips you need to really rock your body


✔ Feel more confident, healthy and vibrant

8 Week teen fitness program
8 Week teen fitness program highlights
Join 8 week teen fitness program
Join our 8 Week Teen Fitness Challenge and get a fitness program that teaches you a new way of thinking about training and your body.
Let's take this challenge together?
Join our 8 week teen fitness challenge
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