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Personal Training

Re-define your life and live confidently with one of our experienced fitness personal trainers. We coach people to enhanced bodies and stronger minds, through guaranteed results.

At Empower360 Fitness we are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you want to be stronger, faster or unlock your dream body shape; be it big and strong or slim and sexy, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Let’s work hard and get results but let’s have fun doing it!

- Kate Hickey


Cert III Fitness Instructor

Cert IV Personal Trainer

Registered MumSafe™️ Trainer

Precision Health Coach

Certified Children's Trainer

Certified Female Health and Performance Coach

Performance Boxing Coach

Certified TRX Suspension Training Coach 

Les Mills Registered Body Attack Instructor

Dance Instructor with over 20 years experience



Outdoor Group Training

Female Phase Training

Boxing for fitness

Individual or group training

Adolescent training programs

Personalised strength programs

Holistic weight loss



Over 20 years industry experience

7 years specialist Teen Trainer

5 Years Specialist Female Health and Performance Coach

6 years as Sydney Roosters Cheer squad assistant coach

15 years weight lifting & conditioning experience




"We promise NEVER to edit an image of ourselves or our participants. We’re proud of the fact that we’re real humans and that needs no ‘improvement"

We’ll help you achieve your goals with our 3 point, foolproof plan;

Find a trainer that’s the right fit for you. We’re going to be spending a lot of time with each other so we want to make sure that our relationship is a happy meeting of minds, personalities, priorities and expectations.

You also need to be ready to work, I want to be a partner in your fitness journey. I’ll be there to push you, motivate you and encourage you but I expect you to put in the work, that includes giving 100% in every session and nailing your nutrition (don’t worry, I've got your back there too!).


Set your goals and stick to them. We’ll help you define a clear set of goals so we can really focus on what you really want & find out what’s been holding you back.

Set your intentions, be committed to yourself, the program & to your trainer. You’ll get the most out of your trainer when you’re giving all you can.


No this doesn’t just mean go hard or go home! It means go the extra mile, do the work outside of our sessions as well as when we face to face. But it also sometimes means just go...... there’ll be days when you won’t feel like training and that’s ok. On those days just go. Even if you don’t smash it in the way you normally would, just showing up will make you feel more motivated. My mantra?

You’ll always regret it if you don’t, but you NEVER regret it when you do!

Personal Training

Personal Training

One to One Coaching

certified personal trainer

Personal Training Gladesville

One to One Coaching Sydney


Ready to take the challenge and undertake our Personal Training?

Personal Training - Initial Session & Screening

A once of initial screening, which is for anyone undertaking their first personal training session with Empower360Fitness.


Once off

Personal Training - 30mins

A one-to-one personal training session with a qualified and experienced Empower360Fitness personal trainer for 30 minutes.


Per session

Personal Training - 45mins 

A one-to-one personal training session with a qualified and experienced Empower360Fitness personal trainer for 45 minutes.


Per session

Personal Training - Kate

A one-to-one personal training session with Kate Hickey, owner & head trainer from Empower360Fitness for 60 minutes.


Per session

Personal Training - 2x week

A one-to-one personal training session, 2 times a week with a qualified and experienced Empower360Fitness personal trainer for 60 minutes.


weekly sessions

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