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Girlfriend, I can help you!

Are you making everyone else a priority at the expense of taking care of yourself? When you have too many balls in the air you run the risk of ending up sick, burnt out, and exhausted.


Girlfriend, I can help!


I can help you get re-gain the lost mojo, and re-discover your inner spark. 

I can help you find the confidence to rock that dress, the jeans, or that dream outfit and feel amazing

Most importantly I can show you how to change your body from a place of love, so these changes are lasting.



So, What is E360 Functional Fitness?

E360 Functional Fitness is a holistic fitness and wellness program just for women. I'll give you the roadmap to success. Together we can make this the year you really do achieve your health and fitness goals, so you can rock those party dresses, feel like a babe on the beach and be super confident in your skinny jeans.



And here's what you get

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Unlimited access to our live-streamed workouts and extensive workout video library

Your very own personal health coach 'Kate Hickey'

Certified Nutritionist and Naturopath 'Macole Wassef'

Support from our Holistic Counsellor 'Lori Lim'

But wait!! There's more

Personalised support from the right people, when you need it most

With most fitness programs, your connection and support end the moment you walk out of class. But that’s when we really get to work! Your personal health coach will work with you to create a rock-solid game plan so you can feel confident to create the life and body you desire.


You’ll have guidance and support at your fingertips 24/7 with access to our two members arenas:


VIP Facebook Group

Connect with other tribe members who are ready to lift you up and cheer you on! Plus, stay motivated and inspired with weekly challenges and inspo. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our team of experts, so no question goes unanswered and you’ll never feel alone. 


Online Members Hub

Access to the entire E360FF system here. Workout anywhere any time with recordings of our live sessions or choose from our extensive workout video library. You’ll also gain exclusive access to recipes, nutrition & mindset tools so you feel supported and empowered in your journey to becoming lean, strong and energized.


What our ladies are saying

" With the E360 program I can now start the day knowing i'll feel more positive and energized throughout the day.
Plus, there's so much variety in the routines which helps me stay on track "


Session Times


Monday - 6:15am

Australian Eastern Standard Time

Virtual Session

Pregnant Woman Working Out

Friday - 6:15am

Australian Eastern Standard Time

Virtual Session

Female Running

Wednesday - 6:15am

Australian Eastern Standard Time

Virtual Session


Train Online - Anytime

24/7 - Always online

Virtual Session

Functional fitness class

Ready to take the next step?


Frequently asked questions

What is E360?

E360 Functional Fitness is a holistic fitness, nutrition and mindset system designed by
accredited Female Health and Performance Coach, Kate Hickey. Kate understands that
women are not just small men with breasts and we therefore should not be training them
like they are. Every woman is unique and her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle needs are very
much dictated by her unique hormonal, physiological and emotional blueprint.
For a woman to achieve the life and body she desires we need to consider much more than
simply exercising and eating well.

The E360 Functional Fitness combines female specific training with holistic nutrition and
mindset practices so you can experience transformational change from the inside out.
You E360FF coach will work with you personally to identify the areas of your life where you
can make simple, easily actionable changes to get you the best results. We’ll be there to
support you and keep you accountable s100% of the way so you can feel leaner & more energised, really rock your dream outfit and truly love your body again!

What is included in my membership?

Access to 3 weekly livestreamed workouts
- Our online workout video library so you can train anywhere, any time
- Simple, delicious, ready-in-a-flash meal ideas so you feel light and energised.
- Mindset education plus support to help you understand your thoughts & feelings
better, and its impact on your health and fitness. Then, get the tools to move past
those beliefs so you feel worthy, empowered and confident.
- Weekly videos to inspire & educate you to maximise your results.
-24/7 support and encouragement from our expert team. Got a burning question?
Simply jump into the group and one of us from our team will have the answer,

How do I access the virtual sessions?

Once you have registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to join.
It’s as simple as clicking on the link. If you don’t already have zoom installed, you’ll be
prompted to install the software the first time you join.

What if I can’t train at 6:15pm?

No problemo! All of the sessions are recorded and you can access them at any time via our
members portal. Follow along with one of our recorded virtual sessions or choose from our
extensive library of workout videos.

How do I access the online content?

All of our virtual sessions, online workout library, nutrition and mindset content is housed
on our membership platform. You’ll receive login instructions once you sign up.

Do I need any equipment?

Not at all! All of our workouts predominately use your own bodyweight. Plus, included in
your welcome pack are some micro bands that we will use to create extra resistance from
time to time.

How can I accelerate my results?

We have a unique onboarding system that includes a 1:1 consultation with your trainer
where we take you through your Body IQ questionnaire. This is a female specific
questionnaire which looks at 6 different lifestyle areas and helps us identify where we can
make some simple changes to get you the results you’re looking for.
Depending on your personal circumstances, your trainer may make further recommendations to chat with one of our practitioners. Everyone is different and this
process is 100% personalised to your body and needs. It takes a tribe to lift a sister up and
we’ve got your back!

What if I need extra support?

Support is what we’re all about! Our VIP Facebook group gives you access to your PT, a
Nutritionist and Naturopath AND a Holistic Women’s Counsellor so no question ever goes
unanswered and support is only a click away.

What if I need to pause or cancel?

Easy! You can pause your membership at any time (admin fee applies) and cancel with 2
weeks written notice.


For the next 2 weeks you can trial the entire program for only $10 per week.
If you're ready to get started, simply click on the link below to book your trial pass

Fitness Australia - Registered Business2017 | Empower360Fitness
Fitness Australia - Registered Business2017 | Empower360Fitness
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