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How Instagram Models Stay Ripped All Year Round

Here's what he wrote:

“How do Instagram models stay ripped and muscular all year round? Is it down to drugs? All the popular ones seem to maintain single digit body fat, so how do they do it?” Drugs may well play a part. But even then, staying ripped on a year-round basis is very hard to do. Yes, there will be exceptions. Genetic outliers who seem to stay lean no matter what. Over the years, I’ve known a handful of people who can maintain a low body fat without even trying. But very few are in that position. In most cases, staying ripped 365 days year will be a constant battle, bordering on obsession, especially if you’re not on gear. Because you’ve worked so hard to get there, you won’t want to let it go. Attempting to do so will usually come at a cost. You’ll turn into a social outcast because you don’t want to go to barbecues and meals out because it may mean losing your six pack. Forget about FOMO – trying to stay ripped will give you FOBI (Fear Of Being Invited). Anytime you go out, there will be a risk that you’ll deviate from your strict dietary regime. And if you do end up eating or drinking something you weren’t supposed to, you’ll spend the next day feeling guilty, starving yourself and spending longer in the gym to atone for your sins. It can mess with your head. Most of the time, you’ll feel hungry. The vast majority of your waking hours will be spent thinking about food. Eating the same old thing every day will soon become monotonous, and your life will be miserable. Be very wary of the stuff you see on social media, where everyone seems to be having the “most amazing and magical day ever.” What you see in the pictures and what is going on behind the scenes are often two very different things.

At the heart of everything we do at Empower360 Fitness is the message that movement it a gift and we move to FEEL good, not to LOOK good. We aim to shine alight on the fakery & theatrics that occurs on social media, particularly around health and fitness and to foster self confidence and body LOVE, not body LOATHING in our teens and young people.

If you're tired of seeing the constant stream of insta-fakery and want to fill your feed with beautiful, positive influencers, check out this list of people to follow.

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