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Immunity Boosters

There's plenty of hype around keeping your immune system strong right now. We've partnered with Nutritionist and Naturopath Macole Wassef from Holy Mackerel Health to give you 4 easy ways you can boost your immune system so we can continue to stay strong and healthy and look after our loved ones.

Feed your gut microbiome

with rich pre and probiotic foods. Avoid foods that irritate your gut. Make sure that you take a round of probiotics after antibiotics. Remember that most of the bodies immune cells lie in the intestinal lumen, so it makes perfect sense to care for your gut.

Reduce stress

This is difficult for many of us right now. Just mention: "kids home for four weeks" and I think everyone has a surge in their blood pressure. Stress reduces NK (natural Killer) cells that help fight infection. Stress is an inflammatory condition that can make us more susceptible to infections.

Consume foods that nourish the immune system

Foods like ginger, garlic, bone broths, pineapple, lemons, kiwifruit and red capsicums. This is not the time to bury our sorrows in a bucket of fried chicken. We need nourishment and plenty of it.

Dose up on vitamin C

I know you will read so many confliciting articles on vitamin C, that it doesn't make any difference. My knowledge states that vitamin C increases your white blood cell count, reduces histamine reactions and reduces the severity of the common cold.

Macole is the consultant nutritionist for the E360 Functional Fitness program and offers support via our online VIP group for all members. She is also available for private consultation, contact her for more info.

This article was written by Kate Hickey for Empower360 Fitness. If you'd like more information on our Teen Bootcamp or Functional Fitness and Wellness program for parents, contact Kate on 0403 964 075 or email

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