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10 Last Minute Gifts for Fit Mums

So you've left it to the last minute? Don't stress, we've collated a list of gifts that any fit Mum would love. The best bit? You can go out to the shops and grab any of these before Mum will even guess you nearly forgot. Side note: This is basically a list of things that I would really love for Mothers Day! Can someone please send this to my husband?

1. A-A-Activewear!

How could we not start here? Any fit mum worth her salt treats this stuff like her uniform. A fit mum can NEVER have enough activewear. There's plenty of amazing labels with retail stores that will be only too willing to take your hard-earned tomorrow. Out top picks are Lululemon, Lorna Jane and Running Bare.

2. Super Cool Kicks

Great for jogging or just racing around after the kids. Extra bonus points if they double as a stylish street shoe. Check out Hype or Platypus.

3. Luxurious Loungewear

Super cosy wraps and cardigans are the order of the day for Mum's post-practise attire. We love the Karmic Cocoon Wrap from Lulu Lemon as it doubles as a gorgeous daywear cardi.

4. A Beautiful Mandala Mat

Square mats are so last season. These gorgeous round mandala-patterned yoga mats will make your mum the envy of every Yogi in her class.

5. A Class Passes

If your Mum is into health and fitness, chances are she ain't afraid of trying something new. Why not get her a class pass for your local yoga studio, F45 or Barre Body? You might help her find her new thang!

6. The latest wearable tech

Apple has just launched the Apple Watch series 2. All the usual bells & whistles like heart rate monitoring & activity tracking. Plus, the new version is water resistant, has a built-in GPS and a faster-than-ever dual core processor. If it's a bit out of your price range, the Series 1 is going for a much cheaper rate.

7. Pretty Accessories For Fitness Trackers

Chances are your fit-mum already has a fitbit. Now she can wear it in style for any occasion with this pretty rose gold bangle.

8. Snow Gear

Ever noticed that Mothers Day is right before the ski-season? Help your Mum hit the slops in style with some fresh new snow gear. Rebel has a decent selection in stock right now

9. Home Fitness Equipment

If your mum is the 'ain't-nobody-got-no-time-fo-that' type, then perhaps a home gym setup might be up her alley. Some resistance bands, dumbells and a suspension trainer are all low cost items that can offer Mum a great workout from the privacy of her home.

10. Portable Speaker

Sometimes all that fiddling with pesky headphones that fall out and get tangled up as you train can really interrupt your momentum. With a portable bluetooth speaker mum can connect any device and be free to move around without any concern for getting tangled up. We love this fun purple speaker from JB Hi-Fi

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