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The greatest gift you can give your child isn't to love them unconditionally

The greatest gift you can give your child isn't to love them unconditionally. It's to love YOURSELF unconditionally.

Every now and then the universe smacks you in the face with a message. For me, it was this;

Your kids are always watching, always listening, absorbing what you say, picking up on how you feel, taking it all in even when you think they’re not listening.

Let’s face it, you can ask them to brush their teeth 500 times and they’ll not respond so surely nothing is sinking in right?

Boy was I reminded that they are.

Last week my small people made Valentines Day cards for their teachers all by themselves (part of me did a little Mum squivel with pride, plus I bloody hate craft so I was pretty stoked to avoid it.)

When I read the messages Miss Z had written to her teachers, it hit me…..

‘You are enough’

You may have seen my socials where I shared that I have this message written in multiple locations around our home, on my bedroom mirror and in the bathroom. It’s my daily reminder to myself that I AM enough, just as I am and I don’t have to DO anything else to BE enough (like many mammas I struggle with the guilt of not doing all the things and being all the things to all the people).

Now I know that she doesn’t quite understand what these words mean, but she knew enough to know that these words were a special, impactful message of love that an adult needed to hear.

Lets flip the script for a minute. If a 6 year-old has the wherewithal to absorb a message of self love from a bedroom mirror, how many message will she have absorbed by the time she is 16?

What if every time I stood in front of that same mirror I pulled at my belly, puffed out my cheeks and called myself a ‘fat slob?’

Did you know that girls as young as 5 are developing ideas about dieting and girls with mothers who had currently or recently engaged in ‘dieting’ were twice as likely to have already developed ideas around dieting?

Whether your child is 5, 15, 25 or 55, the words, ideas and behaviours you exhibit (whether subconsciously or outwardly) around your body are being noticed and absorbed.

Now, more than ever it is your duty to love yourself deeply and completely.

This article was written by Kate Hickey for Empower360 Fitness. If you'd like more information on our Teen Bootcamp or Functional Fitness and Wellness program for parents, contact Kate on 0403 964 075 or email

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