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Motivation Is Overrated

I've been chatting with lots of parents who are really struggling with their motivation. Not just motivation to exercise, but motivation in general. Being home all the time and out of normal routine has meant that a blanket of apathy has descended and even the most menial of tasks - like showering and getting out of PJ's feel like a monumental effort.

In this video I share a super simple 3 step routine that is guaranteed to help get your mojo back!

The ladies in our E360 Functional Fitness and Wellness program are telling me that since implementing this simple hack they're feeling way more motivated. They're also telling me that they're feeling more energised, are more productive, are sleeping over 8hrs for the first time in years & have far more patience with the kids.

If you feel you could use a little extra support so you can feel more motivated and energised, I can help.

Click the link here to learn more. Or reach our to me via email or call me on 0403 964 075 to talk about your individual needs.

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