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Are You Tired Of Feeling Unmotivated?

So many conversations I have with my tribe are around motivation. My ladies share with me all the time that they're frustrated with themselves because they know their actions aren't in alignment with their goals but they just can't seem to change.

They think that if they were just a little more motivated they'd be able to stop hitting snooze, resist those late night snacks or wine and achieving their desired body shape would be easier.

These self sabotaging behaviours actually have nothing to do with motivation at all.

I caught up with Holistic Women's Counsellor Lori Lim and we went deep on this subject. In this video, we uncover:

  • Why women are actually stopping themselves from achieving their goals without actually realising

  • The part of the brain that is responsible for this behaviour and how it works (and it has NOTHING to do with motivation)

  • How your childhood experiences could be the key to uncovering what's been holding you back and unlocking your full potential so you can finally achieve your goals and be PROUD of what you see in the mirror.

Here's the first video in this 4 part series. In videos 2-4 we share the 3 main reasons women unconsciously self sabotage and what we can do about it.

If you're keen to learn what the 3 main reasons are behind your self sabotaging behaviours and most importantly, what we can DO about it so that making transformational change is easy, just send an email to and I'll send you the other 3.

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